Open source software have much greater value than simply getting something for free.


If open source software is primarily a vehicle for philosophical and ethical values​​, we believe it is the model that best promotes innovation and flexibility.


The open source model allows you to dedicate greater portions of your budgets to developments and innovations that will meet the strategic needs of your business and that will give you competitive advantages.


Open source software has been proven to provide better value, lower costs, improved security, and greater flexibility addressing the most important enterprise considerations today.


Giants such as Google, Apple (avec par exemple Webkit qui est le cœur des navigateurs tel que Safari, Google Chrome, Nokia QT, Blackberry, etc.), Sun (e.g. openoffice), IBM, ... have already understood this.


Since 2004, Nectil publishes open source softwares. These softwares were compiled in a web platform designed to create business applications: Officity.


Officity - web applications platform

Officity logo and baseline

Officity is designed for both users and developers:


For users, Officity is like Access or Filemaker on the web. You can create, expand, and share web applications directly from your Excel files and manage your data right away.


For developers, Officity is more like a Windows or Mac OS on the web. You can quickly prototype, create and distribute sophisticated web applications based on the most popular open source knowledges and servers in the world.


Visit officity.com for more information.


Officity consists of three complementary softwares that support all the layers of application creation, from conception to the user interface:


Sushee logo et baseline

Sushee - xml business objects

Sushee is a management system for functional and relational business objects represented and manipulated by XML. Sushee can be used as part of the Officity platform for your web applications or in standalone version for your web projects. More information on officity.com/sushee.


Kaiten logo et baseline

Kaiten - continuous user experience

Kaiten is a jQuery plugin that delivers a new navigation model for web applications. Kaiten can be used as part of the Officity platform for your web applications or in standalone version for your user interfaces. More information on officity.com/kaiten.


Shoyu logo et baseline

Shoyu - officity application components

Shoyu is a library of functional and interface components to quickly build Officity applications . More information on officity.com/shoyu.