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A Journey in the Bay

Webmission 2011 - San Francisco

You wanna be in the center of something? So San Francisco is the place to be, even for this place without any center: the web.

I joined the 3rd #webmission last week, and believe me… it was a "unique momentum".


San Francisco Truck San Francisco Street


First, the people. Everybody knows that this kind of event is a great place to meet people from your neighbourhood, but 9000 miles away from home. And the bunch of girls and guys I met there are really amazing.


I would thanks everybody for this trip: (special thanks ;-) kindja, Antoine, Nicolas, Fred, Melvyn, FX (good listener, good feedback), Carmelo (man, next time ask me a question! I mean… a question ^.^), Sam, Xavier, Caro, Stan, Myrto (nice pics & vids!), Edouard , Nico, Nic, Yannick, … and all the others (damn, we were more than 40!).


Then, Frisko. It's an incredible place to live. period. It's the 3rd time I go there, and it's always the first time.


And at the end, an experience. In the Bay, be prepared for something different:


Twitter Playfish


You may be asked to pitch your project in 2 minutes, naked (without any fancy visual, slides, and demo). You may meet somebody at A&F cashier who is the n°5 of Oracle. You can't move without crossing the headquarter of a company whose products you use every day. The CEO of these companies will be glad to talk to you. And you will find everything… so simple, so amazingly simple.


You wanna icing on the cake? SF New Tech! The #sfnt atmosphere is really stimulating, these people make the difference, I hope I will go back there to pitch Officity at the end of this year.


Webmission 2012? I'm (definitely) in. And even sooner.


Robot Hotel



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